SARCDA CHristmas 2017 Stad awards

SARCDA Christmas 2017 Stand Awards

Congratulations to our Exhibitors, who went the extra mile to design and build creative stands of international quality!

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Best Stand Awards
Best Stand Atticus Imports (5) B31
Best Stand AVA DÉCOR (3) FoD83
Best Stand Jambo Imports & Exports (3) FoL54 - FoL62
Best Stand Laceys (2)TP59 - TP62
Gold Stand Awards
75sqm and more Fanél Glassware (Pty) Ltd (5) B01 - B07
less than 30sqm Francisco Plant Couture (Pty) Ltd (5) B44
less than 30sqm Kool Africa (4) E07
less than 30sqm: PaperTree (4) D06
less than 30sqm Scentworks (5) B23
75sqm and more The South African Craft Collective (3) FoL36 - FoL45
Silver Stand Awards
less than 30sqm Classic Bond (Link) LN06
less than 30sqm Elsona Studios (3) FoD15 - FoD17
75sqm and more Espriso (5) A01 - A04
less than 30sqm Ginger Ray (2) TP95
less than 30sqm Mongoose (3) FoD79 & FoD88
75sqm and more Pennylane (5) B33 - B38
30 – 75sqm Spaces and Places (3) FoD65 - FoD68
30 – 75sqm Tassels & Treasures (5)A33 & A34
75sqm and more Trans Natal Cut Glass (5) C01 - C06
less than 30sqm Urchin Art - Pause (3) FoD151
Bronze Stand Awards
75sqm and more Tusker Trading (3) FoD25 - FoD32
75sqm and more Wechsler (2) B09 - B16 & C07, C09 & C11 - C16
less than 30sqm Siyazisiza Trust (3) FoL48,49 & 49a


Judging Critera

What criteria were stands judged on?
The following criteria were evaluated on a 1-9 scale by a panel of five industry related, independent judges:

Visual appeal
The overall visual impact of the stand

The degree of creativity and originality

How effectively the goods are displayed and the space is used

How easy it is for people to move onto and through the stand

 How effectively the stand is lit

The tidiness of the stand and the attitude of the staff

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