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When you buy a Yem-b product you join our tapestry of bringing hope and self-worth to someone who truly deserves it!

We strive to break down the misconceptions around the design and quality of locally made crafts, by incorporating traditional crafting techniques, with the use of post-industrial textile waste to create bespoke, high quality handmade products.

The range consists of fashion accessories and home décor products. Products are crocheted, woven, hand stitched leather, sewing, embroidery and beading, to name a few.

The design process is one of collaboration between skills, talent and courage. Seeing our crafters discover themselves through this process, inspires us to push boundaries in everything we do.

Why we exist?

Knoop Academy NPC & Yem-b exist because we want committed crafters to believe that they can change their circumstances using their God-given talents. We beam with pride when we see crafters use the business skills we taught them, to explore other business opportunities.

For many of our crafters, we believed they could long before they believed it themselves. We are inspired by their incredible creativity and talent.

At Yem-b we instil accountability and hope. We inspire creativity. We don’t teach, we empower the talent that is already within our crafters to become self-sustainable, accountable, and inspiring humans.


Driven by years of witnessing unbelievable creative talent and skill never getting out of the starting blocks due to a lack of access to good, sustainable markets, Brenda Scheepers founded Yem-b in 2023, in partnership with Knoop Academy NPC and Tholakele Mseleku, longstanding Knoop Academy crochet trainer. 

This partnership is supported by a core team of crafters, of which some has developed their own set of assistants to help them meet delivery demands. The team meets every Friday, in what has become known as Creative Fridays. They fondly refer to themselves as "Team Courageous Creativity", and as their self-confidence develops, their eye for design and peer-quality control checks has organically developed and become self-driven.

Yem-b is not a company owned by a set of directors and shareholders… Yem-b is a collaboration made possible by courageous, creative, accountable, and self-driven crafters that has realised their own potential. As shareholders, we are privileged to be a part of their journey.



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