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Embrace stylish sophistication with our 100% Printed Cotton & Linen Button Shirts. Socrates has small-batch philosophy ensures exclusivity. We believe in quality and slow fashion.

Socrates is more than menswear. Part of our mission is to empower men to feel confident. 

With this in mind, we have decided to donate a percentage of each shirt purchased to the Boys to Men Manhood Project - a project close to our heart. We believe this support network has the power to transform the lives of boys affected by our nation's fatherlessness.  


Our founder, Greg, began his career as a fast fashion wholesaler to major chains and retailers. After almost 40 years in corporate retail, he felt burnt out and uninspired. 

Then, a period of reflection and slowing down, re-ignited his passion for the industry. This time he would take a different approach. He would collaborate with local suppliers and focus on a high-quality product. Embracing slow fashion, this brand would champion timeless style. 

And so, Socrates was born. 



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