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We pride ourselves that we know exactly what goes into each and every item. Our all-natural formulations are carefully handmade in small batches using the finest plant based, ingredients we can source. None of our products have been tested on animals and we strictly stay away from palm oil, petrochemicals, other harmful chemicals, toxins, synthetic fragrances/colourants and preservatives! Vegan friendly. The essential Oils we use in our products come with a certificate of origin and purety.

We don't want to be different just for the sake of being different; it stems from a sincere desire to authentically express ourselves and make a meaningful impact with integrity. Our brand values visual appeal, but our true aspiration is to craft a sensory experience that forges a lasting connection, evoking childhood memories. A scent reminiscent of fleeting special moments from the past.


We're a small artisanal studio and a husband-and-wife team driving innovation. Jani spearheads research, development, and design, infusing creativity into their endeavors.  Kobus takes the lead in optimizing workforce and processes, ensuring efficiency and seamless operations. Together, we form a perfect synergy, bringing a harmonious blend of innovation and operational excellence to our endeavors. 



 Jani Barnard
 082 297 9796
 082 297 9796


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