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Beaded handmade leather belts, collars and leashes are crafted by Maasai women who meticulously weave an array of beads onto premium quality leather straps. The process involves careful selection and arrangement of beads to create intricate patterns or designs that complement the natural texture and color of the leather.

The beadwork is typically done by hand, requiring precision and patience to ensure each bead is securely attached and the design is flawlessly executed. The Maasai women incorporate traditional beadwork techniques passed down through generations, adding cultural significance to the belts.

Due to the handcrafted nature of these belts, collars and leashes, each piece is unique, with slight variations in bead placement or design, adding to their authenticity and charm. They are not only fashionable accessories but also wearable works of art that showcase skill and creativity.

Belts, leashes, and collars fitted with brass buckles and hooks are finished with superior craftsmanship in our workshops, using high-quality lining.

Those who have used our products always come back and recommend them to others. They commend our cool-colored belts, which complement official attire perfectly. Customers also return for our personalized products, such as our African pet collars, which come in assorted colors with matching leashes, and are highly rated and loved by pet owners.

Our customers appreciate our branding, taste, fine beadwork, and excellent color coordination, among other qualities.


Led by our head designer, Joyce Waringa Muchai, we are a passionate group of Maasai women. Hailing from the vibrant Maasai community, each member of our team brings a unique blend of tradition, creativity, and skill to our work. With Joyce's visionary leadership and our collective expertise, we strive to weave together traditional Maasai craftsmanship with contemporary design sensibilities, creating stunning pieces that honor our heritage while embracing modernity.

Together, we are dedicated to celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Maasai people through our craftsmanship and designs.



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